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CEO Message

Our mission at MAB Middle East is to be the leading supplier of Exclusive and Specialty products in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Middle East region.As a group CEO, my aim is to enhance the quality of Food & Beverage industry within the region. With that, we proudly Produce the finest chocolates in our Dubai based factory (MAB Chocolates & Confectionary Manufacturing), Import and distribute the most unique artisanal beverages and sodas, and Manufacture food trucks & trailers for other F&B operators through our manufacturing unit in Dubai (MAB Food Trucks & Conversion).We pride ourselves for these reasons and aim to become the market leaders in the GCC in the next few years.


MAB Middle East

has its humble beginning in 2014 when it was established in Dubai, UAE by an Emirati entrepreneur, Mansoor Al Bastaki, with a strong core team of dedicated personnel.

We are a one stop company that cater and deal with retail stores, operating and franchising international and home grown Chocolates and Cafe concepts, Food and Beverage distribution, imports and exports, as well as PRO services and legal assistance for necessary documents and permits for company establishment.

Our Brands

is an International franchise from Greece having outlets in Athens, New York, Jeddah, Mecca, Paris, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Chios, and Dubai.

Mastihashop is a department store concept offering chocolates, speciality sweet and savory products, cosmetics and skincare, pharmaceuticals, gifts and exotic coffee, ice cream, desserts and milkshakes.


Our Brands

was created through our urging aspiration of diversifying in different aspects of food & beverage experience, our love for all things chocolate and being part of our clients’ celebrations.

100% Emirati, we offer high-end chocolates with a twist of Mediterranean mixed with European indulgence. Our extended retail offerings includes hand-picked coffee selections from Turkish coffee, Arabic Coffee, & Specialty coffee which are packed in elegant metal tins. Naranja offers luxury gift sets that consists and reflects hospitality of sweets and coffee.


Our Brands

The naturally – flavoured Mastiha water is a product of the distillation of pure Mastiha, using steam, bringing all the unique and beneficial properties of Mastiha to delicious Mastiqua Sparkling Drinks.

The combination of Mastiha with water is said to have begun four millennia ago in ancient Egypt, where they used this simple but enchanting idea to purify drinking water and make it pleasant to drink.

As Mother Nature’s precious gift, Mastiha is used in various ways, both for its flavour and its proven beneficial qualities.

Our Brands

EPSA – Traditional Greek Beverages since 1924.
Known for their fancy packaging and unique flavours, EPSA is known globally as the manufacturer of soft drinks and juices of unparalleled quality and taste.

Current flavors available in the UAE market:

-Pink Lemonade
-Blood Orange
-Lemon Iced Tea
-Peach Iced Tea
-Green Iced Tea with Pomegranate and Sour Cherry

The beverages contain low calorie, thanks to the natural sweetener – Stevia.

Our Brands

are inspired by the late 19th century soda fountain culture and artisanal production.

By combining high quality spring water with only the finest, natural ingredients, Three Cents have created premium beverages equally suitable for mixing long drinks and cocktails or enjoying them on their own.

The beverages comes in the below flavors:

*Two Cents Plain (soda water)
*Pink Grapefruit Soda
*Gentlemen’s Soda
*Lemon Tonic
*Tonic Water
*Aegean Tonic

MAB Chocolate & Confectionary Manufacturing

go to the extra length to develop unique Manufacturing creations that are custom made, and cater to the needs of each client, making it an unforgettable experience for all. We are very passionate about creating diverse flavors, designs and arrangements to satisfy various styles and budgets.

We are a boutique chocolate factory using premium quality ingredients which caters not only to corporate companies but also supports small start-ups as well as personal needs, with a very low minimum order.

MAB Food Trucks

have formed a reputation within the industry for delivering fully equipped Food Trucks of exceptional quality to clients throughout the world.

Based in Dubai, we work with a vast range of customers, looking to begin or enhance their offering of unmatchable street food dining experience.

Whatever type of budget is available and no matter how complex the parameters of your requirements we promise to provide you with a food truck and/or any business on wheel that will meet with your every expectation. We offer a range of sizes and styles as well as a variety of brands.


Contact MAB Middle East

Our customer service team are on hand to discuss your requirements and provide information. Get in touch with us via any of the following methods:

Al Quoz Industrial 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates